«Dance with Druids»

«Dance with Druids»
A long time ago in Crimea there was a place of God's Court, next to which was standing a stele carved with runes, megalithic constructions similar to Stonehenge reminding Celtic Druids buildings. It's archaeological artifacts now. Mysteries of ancient Tauris near sacred trees have stopped only with Christianity advent. Historians’ task is to study and systematize. We reserve the right to emotional perception and the opportunity to make from fact the property of our life, as Vladimir Levestam does in his works.

How the artist don’t feel that in the kingdom of plants oak tree is a conductor of stabilizing charismatic and spiritual energy? And how to feel all the details of this phenomenon? In co-creation, understanding of truth - all the same in all times. What about the sense and the meaning of annual rings on tree trunks? It's the memory of the planet recorded on the biodriver. The leaf receives information from the outside, the roots - from the ground, and then in the cycles of interchange they transfer the information outside or to the ground. As long as there are information flows life exists.

For Crimea the interest in the link between local esoterics and mysteries of the Druids is not new. Even Earl Mikhail Vorontsov whose Palace was significantly superior in luxury than the south residence of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, who was educated in England, studied the sacral knowledge of the Druids. In the Palace Memorial Library there are many books on this subject. The Palace park is decorated with giant dolmens and circular stone temples.

"The past is not only in the past, but also in the future" - the jewelry collection concept «Dance with Druids» by Vladimir Levestam.