«Back to Nature»

«Back to Nature»
"Save old in finding new" is the concept of Vladimir Levestam collection «Back to Nature». Who would refuse the gifts of civilization? On the other hand to lose a source of life-giving force of Nature means to destroy ourselves. We have a difficult actual task to combine creatively these basic subsistences of mankind existence.

Metal and wood - two textures which emphasize their main characteristics in the process of interaction. Technique is associated with metal, wood - with nature. What would you prefer to drive or to walk? Nowadays there is an increasing number of cities, where there is no point to walk: highways and skyscrapers instead of trees. The nature remind us abot ita power breaking the road covering with the simple blade of grass.

There is a wonderful place on the Earth where nature sang one of its most beautiful songs - the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea. Where beauty is there is a mystery. This is the place where Odysseus descends to Hades, Iphigenia (Euripides “Iphigenia in Tauris”, Tauris - the ancient name of Crimea) folded from the cliff, now named in her honor. Here the Christening of Prince Vladimir took place in 988. Monarchs also paid attention on the beauty of Crimea: starting from the Russian Emperor Nicholas II to the first Russian President Gorbachev. Crimea was a magnet and a source of inspiration for Great writers, poets, artists and composers. There lived and worked Lev Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov and many others whose work is heritage of all mankind.

What about Crimean? Tender nature of peninsula subtropics presents him the truth: man is made for pleasure. Crimean always comes back to his native land to enjoy the smells of the sea and Crimean pine, tropical plants and mountain herbs. He listens to the voices of forest waterfalls, and observes from the top of the Crimean mountains the sunrise over the sea.
Vladimir Levestam Jewelry Collection «Back to Nature» is not only eco-philosophy, but also a reminder that the life enjoying is a great part of human nature.