Wood and Amber

Wood and Amber
What about the amber tears of ancient pine told its fellows and us? That even the trees are mortal but the best and innermost could live for centuries. These are the world beauty and variety. And this revelation of nature Vladimir Levestam carefully maintains in each of his unique and inimitable jewelry made of wood and amber.

Time in its hands carries the amber - on Paleolithic parking a piece of amber was found: - probably someone from the hunters carried it as a charm. The Greeks sent expeditions to the Baltics on warships, but ... with a peaceful aim - to get from fair-haired barbarians an electron – in such way they called amber, and at that time it was more expensive than emerald because according to the Greeks, the amber was the best treatment from their sicknesses and protection from magic spoiling.

From the standpoint of modern science amber is a hardened resin of prehistoric pine Pinus succinifera. The Ancient Greek sources approved the same, but their narration about the genesis of amber was much more poetic.

The origin legend of amber is presented in "Metamorphoses" of Ovid. Phaethon, the son of Sun God Phoebus (Helios) died, clumsily driving his chariot across the sky. His mother, the nymph Klimena and his sister Heliades mourned him bitterly. Zeus released them from this awful pain, turning them into trees and their tears were hardened in the sun and turned into drops of amber.

Vladimir Levestam amber jewellery could tell us a lot… Undoubtedly every piece is unique. That is why giving your preference to any of them you choose your OWN, really the innermost.