Bracelet id 275

  • Elasticated so will fit most
  • Oil and beeswax finish
  • Eco friendly
  • Comfortable to wear
  • An attractive Baltic Amber & Wood

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    1. $70.00

  • Suitable for a set:

    two snakes eating each other symbol


    In addition to the well-known “ouroboros” of the alchemist (a single serpent devouring its own tail), another important symbol is that of two serpents devouring each other. A crowned and winged serpent, representing the universal or cosmic spirit holds a common snake by the tail. This latter snake, representing base matter or the virgin earth, is eating the tail of the crowned serpent. They signify the volatile and the fixed, the sulfur and the salt, the elements of fire and earth, and distillation and condensation. They negate each other and become one (an ouroboros) and in doing so complete the work.