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LOEWESTAMM - since 1989 brand of international designer Vladimir Levestam, specialized in wooden jewellery. His love to the nature and a passion to conceptual art is a perfect base for creating unique rings, necklaces, bracelets, made from various tree species which grow on the southern coast of Crimea. Each piece is made with love having its own unique features. This guarantees that there will be no identical jewellery.


 Transformation of simple natural structures in extraordinary pieces of art is the aim that inspires Vladimir Levestam. The creator of jewellery executes all the work beginning from collecting the material in mountains. The highest quality of jewellery is guaranteed.



The basic raw materials such as mountain oak and ash were collected during the professional thinning of the Crimean National Park. Sometimes we came across the roots of the yew cut down 600 years ago. (dating in  Dr. Michael Buzinny's radio carbon dating laboratory) From 2009 planting the seeds of yew in the Crimean mountains was started. In the last century yew suffered from the barbarians cutting.





Vladimir Levestam was born in 1954 in Yalta on the Black Sea coast – site of the famous Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin summit of World War II. He became interested in art while studying theoretical physics first in Moscow State University and then Simferopol State University. After his studies, Levestam worked as a designer for the Botanical Gardens in Yalta. There he became deeply involved in conceptual art, namely abstract and mechanical sculpture. Wood became his favorite medium.

In 1985, Levestam received a Master of Decorative Arts degree from Artists’ Union.

1987 – 2014 Levestam’s works were exhibited in  Central Exposition Center Moscow Russia, Sohy Gallery in Boston United States, Gallery Nature and Temptation Boston United States, Gallery Art Intentions in Norwell United States, Art Festival in the South Shore Artists Center in Cohasset United States, Ashland Hardwood Gallery in Ashland United States, Pilar Shephard Art Gallery in Charlottetown Canada, “Russian Dorset” Art Exhibition  in Dorset United Kingdom, 303 Gallery in Somerset United Kingdom, Graham V Bundy Gallery United Kingdom



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